RxLightning’s digital platform for specialty drug enrollment saves time, reduces errors, eases provider burden and gets patients on the therapies they need faster

NEW ALBANY, Ind., March 25, 2021 – RxLightning, a healthcare technology company that simplifies and automates the complex specialty medication enrollment process through a single comprehensive, user-friendly platform, today announced its induction into Microsoft for Startups, a global program dedicated to accelerating the trajectory of high-potential B2B startups to enable growth at scale. As a program member, RxLightning will have exclusive access to Microsoft technology, mentorship and business support, as well as a streamlined path to selling alongside Microsoft and its global partner ecosystem.

Founded in January 2020 to address a significant unmet need, RxLightning offers physicians and patient advocates a direct line to specialty pharmacies for free, bypassing the frustratingly complex brand-specific forms, systems and hubs and reducing patient enrollment from days (and sometimes weeks) to less than 10 minutes. RxLightning accomplishes such speed by performing analytics to see what information is truly required to get a patient enrolled and, working with its business partners, reducing the game of tag providers currently endure to get patients on a therapy. RxLightning will use Microsoft Azure to reach a wide-scale audience in a short time, with built in redundancy and security.

“We’re honored to be among such a select group of companies from around the world chosen to join the Microsoft for Startups program, and we plan to leverage this amazing opportunity to its fullest,” said RxLightning Co-founder and CEO Julia Regan. “Our participation in the program comes at a critical time for our company as we launch our all-inclusive technology solution to solve the insanely inefficient specialty medication enrollment process.”

According to research presented at National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP), the average healthcare provider spends more than three hours per week on paperwork—excluding charting—to start a patient on a specialty therapy, and nearly 40 percent of providers say it takes one to two weeks to actually get that medication to the patient. RxLightning removes the paperwork and the delay. The company’s participation in the program and collaboration with Microsoft will help increase opportunities for providers and their practice teams to leverage the RxLightning platform to simplify, streamline and automate the complex manual process of specialty medication enrollment across manufacturers, hubs, and specialty pharmacies.

“RxLightning’s mission to address an unresolved problem in one of the fastest-growing segments of the pharmaceutical industry – the specialty medication market – coupled with its solid leadership team, business plan and product roadmap makes it a good fit for our program and for our ecosystem,” said Sally Frank, WW Lead, Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft for Startups.

About RxLightning
Founded in New Albany, Indiana in 2020, RxLightning digitizes, automates and streamlines the historically complicated manual enrollment process of starting a patient on specialty medications. Specialty medications are expected to account for 65% of new medication launches through 2023. With RxLightning, healthcare providers can quickly and easily complete the enrollment process for every specialty medication in every therapeutic area, helping reduce paperwork, streamline communication, and accelerate the speed of therapy for patients. Providers can register and enroll for free by visiting http://www.rxlightning.com.