From enrollment to fulfillment

The MedAccess Ecosystem is an interconnected network of stakeholders – providers, specialty pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, and technology partners – who collaborate to improve specialty medication onboarding on behalf of patients. Each entity plays a vital role in the medication access journey, helping patients receive specialty medications at lightning speed.

This Ecosystem supports a comprehensive MedAccess journey for all specialty medications and destinations – pharmacies, hubs, patient assistance programs, and more – delivering a digital, repeatable, transparent experience for all.

  • Enrollment: machine learning powers the addition and digitization of new enrollment forms, supporting all specialties and destinations

  • Digital consent: collection of signatures – via text or email – enables approved outreach and ongoing patient engagement

  • Benefit verification: medication, patient, and insurance-specific benefit details, with insights on out-of-pocket cost and alternatives

  • Prior authorization: payer-agnostic integrations to initiate the PA process at provider or destination site

  • Affordability: aggregated financial support options provide insights into available funding, including foundations and manufacturer Patient Assistance Programs

  • Fulfillment: encoded business rules guide stakeholders along the most efficient path, enabling providers to select the most affordable, convenient fulfillment option for the patient

Time Savings and Burden Reduction

RxLightning’s platform digitizes the entire onboarding experience, automating manual processes and preventing missing data issues.

Streamlined Communications

Providers, field teams, hubs, and pharmacies have shared visibility into patient data, enabling coordinated outreach and cost savings.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Patients have visibility into the entire medication access journey – improving overall experience and driving ongoing adherence.

Shared visibility enables meaningful action.

Drive meaningful action.

The MedAccess Ecosystem enables real-time visibility into the medication onboarding journey for patients, providers, field reimbursement managers, caregivers, specialty pharmacies, and hubs.

With clarity into the journey, stakeholders can identify barriers, communicate with each other, and take meaningful action to improve medication access.

Standardized for all specialties

Fully digital, integrated, and modular.

Whether you leverage an existing enrollment portal, partner with specialty pharmacies or hubs, or offer Patient Assistant Programs – we can incorporate your services into our digital Ecosystem to create a seamless experience for end-users.

We also partner with the leading EHRs to integrate into standard prescribing workflows and drive provider adoption.

An overview of the MedAccess Ecosystem

Founder and CEO, Julia Regan

Key Features

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