New Albany, Indiana-based RxLightning has announced a partnership with Yale New Haven Health’s (YNHH) Center for Health Care Innovation and Outpatient Pharmacy Services to make specialty medication more affordable.

RxLightning’s platform has already displayed results in getting patients their medications faster by providing visibility into the patient journey.

YNHH Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer LeeAnn Miller, said, “[The health system’s] Specialty Pharmacy is committed to innovation and excellence in advancing patient care by adopting transformative clinical innovations…the pharmacy team’s goal is to simplify and streamline processes to ensure patients have timely access to critical medication.”

YNHH’s Outpatient Pharmacy serves patients with chronic diseases.

Specialty pharmacies provide complex medications such as biologics or medicine developed using blood, proteins, viruses and living organisms. They are used to prevent, treat, and cure many health conditions.

These special medications are not available at retail pharmacies and can cost up to $100,000 per year. Specialty pharmacies help their patients by providing them with counseling and education they need to navigate their condition.

Due to the complexity of some chronic diseases, it can take up to two weeks for a patient to be enrolled on specialty medication. RxLightning’s technology automates this process to allow patients to receive their needed medication within 1-2 days.

Executive Director of YNHH’s System Pharmacy Services Vinay Sawant said in an announcement that the partnership is a win-win for patients, prescribers and the specialty pharmacy ecosystem.

Sawant said, “As Connecticut’s largest health system, we pride ourselves in adopting innovations like RxLightning that transform the status quo and ultimately allow us to deliver high-quality care in a seamless and efficient manner for our patients.”

Julia Regan, RxLightning founder and CEO, said they look forward to providing the health system with a more efficient experience for both their team and patients.

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