To better serve patients and providers, Oncospark and RxLightning have joined together to provide a first-of-its-kind technology solution that addresses the major pain points of oncology medications

NEW ALBANY, Ind., September 14, 2021 – Healthcare tech start-up RxLightning today announced its partnership with Oncospark to create a unified technology platform that streamlines the specialty medication enrollment and prior authorization process for oncology patients.

RxLightning is a free-to-provider online platform that simplifies and automates the specialty medication enrollment process, greatly reducing the time it takes to get a patient their specialty medications, from weeks (or sometimes months) to just days.

Oncospark provides full-service integrated technology, relational data analytics, consulting and revenue cycle services. Oncospark’s prior authorization solution, Authparency, brings an unprecedented level of transparency to the prior authorization process and allows real-time tracking and reporting of all prior authorization activities.

Suzette DiMascio, CHE CMCE CPC —National Association of Specialty Pharmacy board member, Oncospark Advisory Board member and renowned expert and thought leader in all things Specialty Pharmacy and Rare & Orphan Disease—said the partnership solves a critical challenge in the overall patient journey.

“Intersecting these two organizations ensures patients will have quicker access than ever before to life-saving medications,” DiMascio said. “If you’re an oncology patient, or a family member that’s part of their journey, this should make a huge difference on so many levels.”

Jordan Johnson, Oncospark’s CIO, said: “Value-Based Care increases the demand for accuracy, speed, validated necessity, and effectiveness of infusion and medication decisions. OncoSpark and RxLightning are committed to the precision and changes that are required for patients and providers under the VBC model. This is about impact.”

RxLightning CEO Julia Regan praised the partnership and the spirit of collaboration around driving better patient outcomes and overall experience.

“Our solution is one that’s long overdue. It’s extremely gratifying to be able to partner with Oncospark to seamlessly integrate our technology to streamline workflows for specialty enrollment, prior authorization, manufacturer support and patient assistance programs, enabling patients to get the therapies they need faster,” Regan said.

The Timely Access to Cancer Treatment (TACT) Act, a bipartisan bill that was recently introduced to Congress, would require that patients get their prescribed oral oncology medications within 72 hours of having the prescription submitted to their pharmacy benefits manager (PBM). For patients, especially those with cancer, having prompt access to medications needed for their treatment journey can be life-changing. This joint solution between RxLightning and Oncospark will help ensure oncology patients have faster access than ever before to those life-saving medications.

About RxLightning
Founded in New Albany, Indiana in 2020, RxLightning digitizes, automates and streamlines the historically complicated manual enrollment process of starting a patient on specialty medications. Specialty medications are expected to account for 65% of new medication launches through 2023. With RxLightning, healthcare providers can quickly and easily complete the enrollment process for every specialty medication in every therapeutic area, helping reduce paperwork, streamline communication and accelerate the speed of therapy for patients. Learn more at

About Oncospark
Oncospark is a full-service Technology, Data Analytics, Consulting and Revenue Cycle Services firm powered by a team of experienced professionals and technology tools. Oncospark is a technology-enabled service company focused on disruption through innovation from workflow to RCM. Oncospark possesses a unique blend of subject matter experts from clinical to administrative to advocates that drive their augmented automation solutions, relational and transparent data platforms, and proven consulting.
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