Free tool to enroll patients on specialty medications faster addresses historically complicated manual enrollment process through its digitized, automated platform

NEW ALBANY, Ind., March 18, 2021 – RxLightning, a healthcare technology company that simplifies and automates the complex specialty medication enrollment process through a single comprehensive, user-friendly platform, today announced that it would make its enrollment solution available to providers and their practice teams free of charge.

Founded in January 2020 to address a significant unmet need, RxLightning offers physicians and patient advocates a direct line to specialty pharmacies, bypassing the frustratingly complex brand-specific forms, systems and hubs and reducing patient enrollment from days (and sometimes weeks) to less than 10 minutes.

“While the specialty medication market is the fastest-growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry, we’re the first to answer the call for a comprehensive, all-inclusive technology solution to the insanely inefficient specialty medication enrollment process,” said RxLightning co-founder and CEO Julia Regan. “RxLightning is here to change that with a single destination for healthcare providers to enroll patients for any specialty medication – brand or generic – at any specialty pharmacy. We’re further reducing the barrier by making our solution free to providers and their practice teams.”

According to research presented at National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP), the average healthcare provider spends more than three hours per week on paperwork—excluding charting—to start a patient on a specialty therapy, and nearly 40 percent of providers say it takes one to two weeks to actually get that medication to the patient. RxLightning removes the paperwork and the delay, getting patients to their destination pharmacy or hub, and therefore receiving their specialty medications days faster than the traditional paper process.

RxLightning has digitized forms customized to each pharmacy as needed for more than 900 specialty drugs with built-in custom logic, smart-pick menus and real-time updates to ensure the right information (both clinical and non-clinical) is entered the first time, every time for every medication. The comprehensive platform uses smart logic to guide users through a standard list of questions, eliminating both doubt and duplication of answers.

Brad Allen, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, said RxLightning’s technology eliminates the need for users to track multiple portals, faxes and phone calls. Instead, users are shown the right form every time—customized by area of practice—with prompts for every decision and datapoint, plus a digital record that can be easily revisited at any time.

“We’re solving a problem that to date has gone unsolved, despite much angst among providers and patients alike,” Allen said. “We’re excited for providers and their practice teams to experience it for themselves and, hopefully, wonder how they ever did it without us.”

So far, the market is taking note. Earlier this year, RxLightning kicked off a partnership with one of the country’s Top 10 specialty pharmacies, and announced a partnership with IllumiCare to make its solution available on IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon®, a non-intrusive ribbon of information that appears within or momentarily hovers over a hospital’s EMR to display critical data that supports better clinical decision-making. The IllumiCare integration of RxLightning in the EMR workflow gives healthcare providers a single destination to enroll patients for any specialty medication—brand or generic—at any specialty pharmacy.

Providers can register and enroll patients for free by visiting