Platform offers visibility into and across the patient journey, speeding patient access to specialty medication to hours, rather than weeks – by simply, seamlessly, and safely collecting and exchanging data in real time.

NEW ALBANY, Ind., November 17, 2022 – Health tech start-up RxLightning today debuted its MedAccess Ecosystem, a first-of-its-kind platform that connects all stakeholders across the complex, disconnected universe that is specialty medication access in America and provides never-before realized visibility into the patient journey for the entire ecosystem of specialty pharmacy care. From health systems and provider groups to patients and pharma manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, payers and foundations, the MedAccess Ecosystem enables technology to enroll patients on prescribed therapies within a single day. Since launching in 2020, the company has been on a mission to transform the patient and provider experience. Specialty medication access is normally measured in days or weeks, but RxLightning has already delivered incredible results with 94.1% of patients getting access in less than one hour, and 99.1% in less than one day.

“The specialty medication industry is broken. Last year, only one in four new-to-launch patients made it to their first fill,” said Julia Regan, CEO and founder of RxLightning. “RxLightning has architected and designed the MedAccess Ecosystem, a singular digital platform that encompasses everything – not just one step, one drug, one destination or one stakeholder. Our solution acts as a patient journey tracker, allowing everyone visibility into the process and creating a world where every patient gets accelerated access to life-saving therapies.”

RxLightning’s proven approach simplifies the historically cumbersome process of specialty medication access by providing visibility into the entire patient journey through a digital platform, which acts as a single source of truth for all stakeholders, from prescribers to payors to pharmacy field representatives. From prior authorization, digital referrals, real-time benefit checks, to financial support, RxLightning optimizes the patient journey from enrollment to fulfillment – and makes the disconnected, connected.

Brad Fluegel, principal at BMF Advisors and former senior vice president and chief strategy officer for Walgreens said: “RxLightning has not only brought a solution to the table that digitizes what’s now a highly manual and error-prone system, but they’ve also solved for a decades-old issue and given it a name. The MedAccess Ecosystem says it all, it does it all, and it’s breaking all-new ground in the specialty pharmacy space.”

Mark Bakken, founder and managing partner at HealthX Ventures said: “RxLightning’s MedAccess Ecosystem solves for a critical challenge in the patient journey. Their digital approach to specialty medication ensures connectivity and alignment of incentives for all stakeholders, including specialty pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, health systems, and most importantly patients and their families. RxLightning provides quicker access than ever before to life-saving medications, improving overall patient outcomes.”

From the provider perspective, the RxLightning MedAccess Ecosystem is so elegant in its simplicity that it is seeing rapid adoption among its provider base.

According to Amy Palmer, National Director, Biologics and Extracts for AllerVie Health, “Our experience with RxLightning has been nothing short of incredible. Since implementing this at AllerVie, we have transitioned away from broken processes and extended timelines for our complex allergy and asthma patients and are leveraging this new, digital platform, which has increased our speed to execution on our special pharmacy enrollments. I’m extremely optimistic about what the MedAccess Ecosystem can be, do, and deliver. It’s powerful, and it’s going to make a difference in so many people’s lives – patients and providers alike.”

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