TechPoint, the nonprofit, industry-led growth initiative for Indiana’s technology ecosystem, held its 23rd annual Mira Awards program presented by Salesforce to celebrate the “The Best of Tech in Indiana”

NEW ALBANY, Ind., April 26, 2022 – Healthcare tech start-up RxLightning today announced that it was honored with two Mira Awards – Tech Product of the Year and Startup of the Year – at the 23rd annual Mira Awards gala on April 23. RxLightning was the only recipient to receive two awards this year.

RxLightning received the Tech Product of the Year award for its end-to-end specialty drug enrollment platform, which enables patients to receive life-altering therapies faster. The award recognizes highly innovative and groundbreaking tech products that made their debut or achieved major milestones in 2021.

Additionally, RxLightning was named Startup of the Year, an award that acknowledges startup companies with great potential and that demonstrate the strategic and innovative entrepreneurial spirit of Indiana’s technology industry.

RxLightning took significant strides in 2021, working tirelessly to improve and expand the technology and grow the platforms’ user base, driving forward the brand’s mission of ensuring that every patient gets accelerated access to the specialty therapies they need. “We’ve seen such a big difference in our day-to-day process,” said Tabetha Washok, Oral Oncology Nurse Navigator at CARTI Cancer Center. “Things are moving smoother, they’re moving faster, and all of that equates to a better way of taking care of the patient.”

“Being recognized as a recipient of two prestigious Mira Awards by TechPoint is a testament to our team’s dedication to transforming the specialty drug enrollment process,” RxLightning founder and CEO Julia Regan said. “We’ve already made huge leaps forward in a short amount of time, and I’m excited about the market momentum and rapid adoption of this long-overdue solution that we’re seeing among specialty physicians and their practices.”

Founded in January 2020 to transform a highly manual, frustrating and inefficient specialty drug enrollment process, RxLightning offers physicians and patient advocates a free online platform to quickly and easily submit enrollments for patients on any specialty medication to any specialty pharmacy, manufacturer patient support and assistance programs, and patient assistance foundations. The platform not only decreases inefficiencies and administrative burden but also reduces the time it takes for a patient to get started on a critical medication from weeks and months, to less than 2 days, ensuring patient affordability along the way.