Today, meet 100 women who are leading in their local business communities. They are the Bizwomen 100.

This group of executives and entrepreneurs represents companies from Boston to Honolulu, from Seattle to South Florida. The group includes women who’ve launched their own companies and who’ve become Fortune 500 C-suite leaders. They’re advocates for their communities; they’re disrupting their industries.

It’s a group with stories to share — 100 women who could mentor, guide and serve as examples for others.

Some of their names, and their companies, you’ve seen featured in Bizwomen before. Others you might have seen spotlighted across The Business Journals network of publications. Input from our colleagues at The Business Journals helped narrow our list of candidates for inclusion.

One hundred names might seem like a lot, but when you consider all the women who are building businesses and advancing in their careers across the country, we know we’re just scratching the surface.

Let us know how we did with our starting point. Know someone not featured whom we should consider next time? Reach me at and share her story. Or, share your story, as the case might be.

And look for more from our Bizwomen 100 in the weeks and months to come.


Julia Regan, Co-founder and CEO, RxLightning, New Albany, Indiana

Founded in 2020 and led by Julia Regan as CEO, RXLightning is a platform that streamlines the specialty drug enrollment process for both doctors and patients, reducing paperwork and cutting enrollment times from weeks to hours. The digitized offering is free for providers and patients and supports more than 1,200 specialty medications, helping patients get access to the treatments they need even faster.