At Informa’s 2023 Patient Assistance & Access Programs conference, Julia Regan, Founder and CEO fo RxLightning was joined onstage by Luke Austin, Associate Vice President of Pharmacy Operations at KnippeRx, Ed Slaughter, US Patient Assistance Programs at Merck, and Vinay Sawant, Executive Director of System Pharmacy Services at Yale New Haven Health.

The panelists discussed their personal experiences with specialty medication onboarding and the importance of patient assistance programs. Additional topics included:

  • Common Contributors to Poor Patient/HCP experience
  • Common/Avoidable Contributors to Increased Operating Costs
  • How ePAP Addresses and Potentially Eliminates Barriers to Satisfaction and Unnecessary Cost Drivers
  • Factors for a Successful ePAP Solution
  • Methods to Improve ePAP Utilization

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