At the 2022 Healthcare Advocate Summit, Jordan Churchill, Head of Provider Growth at RxLightning, was joined onstage by Lacey Varnon, Regional Biologic Lead at Family Allergy and Asthma, for an engaging discussion about the challenges with specialty medication enrollment and how technology can improve patient access.

The speakers discussed their personal experiences with specialty medication onboarding and highlighted data showing unsatisfactory fill rates, unnecessary administrative burden, and avoidable rework associated with the current process. Additional topics included:

  • The challenges associated with specialty medication enrollment forms
  • The changing dynamics of the specialty market space (staffing challenges, copay assistance updates, new mandates, and more)
  • The lack of available resources in a post-COVID world
  • The pieces of the puzzle beyond the enrollment form that impact speed-to-fill and adherence
  • How RxLightning is supporting MedAccess teams with digital enrollment, patient consent collection, and complete transparency into the onboarding process

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