Why Mission Matters When Scaling a Healthcare Technology Company

Every day, millions of people rely on innovative technologies to find, understand, and access their care. It is through the dedicated efforts of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and their teams that these best-in-class tools are built, in turn revolutionizing our healthcare system. What is most exciting is that technology companies of all sizes are making a meaningful impact in improving our overall healthcare system – from small startups to enterprise behemoths. 

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to work with remarkable people at three truly extraordinary companies. While each company possessed its own unique qualities, they all shared some commonalities: 

  • A focus on using technology to improve healthcare at scale 
  • All three being female founded and led 
  • Above all, each is driven by a mission to help people 

When a company’s primary focus is on enhancing people’s health, providing access to life-saving medications, or empowering patients to lead longer lives, the work transcends the confines of a mere job and becomes a mission. This very ethos is what led me to join RxLightning last year—a company with a profound mission to help people live healthier and longer lives. 

At its core, RxLightning is dedicated to ensuring that patients can obtain the medications they need, swiftly and efficiently (aka lightning speed). 

While that might seem like it should be commonplace, it is unfortunately not the norm in today’s healthcare landscape. Specialty medications, which are vital for many patients nationwide, pose complex challenges for individuals, providers, and pharmacists alike. Unlike grabbing a bottle of 30 pills off a shelf, most specialty medications require a time-consuming process. It often takes 20 or more days from the moment a doctor prescribes a specialty medication until the patient receives it. 

That’s a shocking statistic and one that absolutely shouldn’t exist. Delays frequently arise due to the manual and convoluted process of enrolling individuals on new specialty medications. Providers and their care teams must confirm what care is covered by the patient’s insurance, find and complete a paper form to submit to the pharmaceutical manufacturer, search for financial support options, and coordinate with specialty pharmacies that are convenient for the patient. This antiquated process relies heavily on faxes and phone calls, offering no transparency into each step. Those who require specialty medications or work in the specialty pharmacy space understand all too well the frustration and urgency of solving this archaic medication onboarding process. 

At RxLightning, we encapsulate our mission with the phrase “For the One.” Each day, the individuals who would have benefited from earlier access to effective medications are at the forefront of our minds. Many of us know someone today who relies on a medication to improve or extend their life. Their stories drive us, reminding us of the purpose behind our hard work and dedication. 

Within RxLightning, a diverse team of dedicated engineers, pharmacists, developers, and innovators collaborate tirelessly to create a streamlined medication onboarding journey—one that is simple, integrated, and swift. We have developed the industry’s first comprehensive platform for enhancing access to and affordability of specialty medications, and our commitment to scaling its impact remains unwavering. 

As the Chief Operating Officer of RxLightning, I am thrilled to contribute my experience and expertise to propel our mission forward. Our ultimate goal is to drastically reduce the time it takes for patients to receive their medications from days to mere minutes. 

If you share our passion for improving healthcare and transforming the lives of individuals, RxLightning may be the perfect place for you. We invite you to explore the opportunities we offer by applying here for our open roles or reach out to us on our website. 

Written by: Jared Klingeisen, Chief Operating Officer